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Share Your Service: Meet Nicholas!

Nicholas started with Horizon five years ago as a Substance Use Counselor after graduating from Medaille College with his Master’s in Psychology. Now as a Behavioral Health Counselor, he works with patients to help them find, understand, and harness their own strength to assist them in making meaningful and positive changes in their lives. Get to know a little more about Nicholas’ journey to becoming a counselor and what his career looks like so far!

FAQ with Nicholas

First off, tell us why you chose to start your career with Horizon?
I knew a few people who worked at the company and also some family friends/connections that work here as well, who spoke very highly of Horizon. Also, my first interview with my current supervisor gave me this feeling of, “this company just feels like the right fit.”

What does a typical day at work look like to you?
Right now, I primarily work from home. I usually log on and first check my emails. I attend to any high importance email first. Then, I will meet with between 2- 4 patients mostly over the telehealth platform. When I am not actively meeting with patients, I catch up on documentation, outreach, and coordination of care. Repeat that cycle 2-3 times depending on the day, throw a team meeting in here and there, and then the day is over.

We know you put in a lot of hard work in your past education to have that degree hanging on your wall. What is the piece of advice you learned during your time at college that you still use today?
To always be willing and open to learning new things. I am always striving to grow and am not looking for an endpoint so to speak.

What is something that you learned that you still use today?
I still use the research and theory I learned in school. The “why” something happens can help validate and normalize what patients are going through. It’s helpful to be able to pull theory in and say to a patient, “Well, that’s understandable because…”

What is one thing that has helped shape who you are today?
I stand by this statement on a daily basis, both in my work and my outside life: “Everybody is trying their best given what they know.”

Favorite Horizon perk?
My favorite perk is easily the generous amount of paid time off we get so that I can take the time to care for myself and recharge. It helps me better serve my patients! I actually got to take some time off to visit my father while he was in Dubai for work before COVID-19 hit. It was one of the most beautiful and fancy countries I have ever visited, and I will never forget the experience!

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