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Addiction Services

Horizon Health Services offer many outpatient treatment services for individuals and their families, including counseling, peer advocates, harm reduction, and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Medication Assisted Treatment is often a critical part of one’s recovery. Rapid access to medication can assist patients with the management of cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Addressing the physical aspects of addiction is a core component of the overall treatment process. Horizon’s medical providers utilize a variety of medications to assist individuals, including but not limited to buprenorphine, Vivitrol®, and Sublocade®.

Feeling better is possible. We can help.

Many Horizon outpatient services can be offered through virtual care. Request an appointment or call 716-831-1800.


39 million

Almost 39 million Americans over 18 years of age have a substance use disorder

30 million

Nearly 30 million Americans over age 12 have an alcohol use disorder

9.3 million

9.3 million Americans misuse prescription pain relievers


Over 91,000 Americans die from drug overdoses each year

Outpatient Counseling

Our outpatient (or appointment-based) treatments for alcohol and substance dependence help individuals take steps toward recovery without judgment in a safe and warm environment.

See locations where outpatient addiction services are offered.

Inpatient and Residential Treatment

Our Horizon Village campuses offer several different types of residential treatment options for addiction and co-existing mental health disorders. We have facilities in Buffalo, NY, and in Sanborn, NY.

Learn more about our Inpatient and Residential Treatment.

Family Therapy

Our Family Therapy sessions seek to resolve conflicts and achieve reconciliation without judgment in a safe and warm environment. We support families dealing with mental health diagnoses or substance use disorders.

Learn more about Family Therapy.

Parent and Family Support

Horizon’s Parent and Family Support Coordinator improves patient engagement through increased family involvement in our substance use services. Coordinators provide phone and face-to-face outreach to patients and families, as well as group support sessions.

Contact Parent & Family Support Coordinator, Colleen Babcock, at cbabcock@horizon-health.org or (716) 907-2985 to learn more.

Peer Advocates

Peer Advocates have shared experience and a strong desire to assist individuals, in recovery from substance use or mental health by sharing their experience, strength, and hope to empower the individual to create change. Family Peer Advocates provides support, advocacy, and educational opportunities to family and community members.

Learn more about Peer Advocates.

Care Coordination

Care Coordination provides outreach, assessment, and care management services to eligible members enrolled in New York’s Medicaid program, regardless of their status as a patient with Horizon. Horizon’s Care Coordination works with enrolled members to manage complex and chronic healthcare needs.

Learn more about Care Coordination.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT is an evaluation by medical professionals trained in substance use disorders who assess the patient’s ability to manage withdrawal, cravings, and urges associated to addictive substances including alcohol (AUD) and opiates (OUD). Providers work closely with patients to establish their recovery and harm reduction goals for treatment.

Learn more about Horizon’s Medical Services.

Adolescent and Family Services

Horizon offers substance use treatment for adolescents, ages 13 and older. We understand that making a decision to reach out for help can be difficult, especially for a teenager. Our experienced counselors are here to help bridge that gap and provide a warm and supportive counseling experience.

Learn more about Adolescent and Family services.

Feeling better is possible. We can help.

Many Horizon outpatient services can be offered through virtual care. Request an appointment or call 716-831-1800.

Our Addiction Services

  • Treatment for the full range of substance use disorders
  • Individual Counseling (adults and adolescents)
  • Group Counseling
  • Psychiatric Consultation and Medication
  • MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment (Vivitrol, Naltrexone, Suboxone, Sublocade)
  • DWI Assessments
  • Peer Advocates
  • Specialized Treatments
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Family Counseling
  • Virtual/Telehealth Counseling
  • Family Involvement
  • Linkage to Vocational Programs
  • Care Coordination Program
  • Harm Reduction Education and Resources