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What is the difference between detox and inpatient treatment?

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Q: How do I find out if my daughter needs a detox program or an inpatient program? I believe that my daughter needs rehab but I am unsure if I should send her to detox first. I am nervous that I am wasting valuable time and I don’t know where to turn.

Anonymous Mother, Tonawanda, NY

A:  Navigating the quagmire of addiction system of care can be confusing. We are here to help!

Unless there is a medical crisis, the first step we would suggest, is that you bring your daughter to an outpatient treatment program for a comprehensive evaluation with an addiction professional.  The counselor and treatment team will assess your daughter and determine the appropriate level of care.  The team will also assist in linking her to other resources if a higher level of care is warranted.

Drug detoxification may or may not be necessary for your daughter.  It will depend on her medical status, drug use history (including alcohol) and other factors.

Inpatient rehabilitation services are designed to initiate the treatment and recovery process for individuals who have been unable to stabilize in an outpatient program.  Inpatient rehabilitation is a medically supervised service which may be provided in a hospital or free-standing facility, such as Horizon Village.  Inpatient treatment also includes the management of physical or mental complications which may be present.

Most importantly, don’t give up. You and your loved one deserve the best treatment there is.  A treatment program should be dedicated to respectful care, hope and the belief that recovery is possible for everyone.

If you have further questions about what treatment path is right for you please call an experienced professional to seek consultation, such as our admissions team at Horizon at 716.831.1800. If your daughter is younger than 18, we would suggest utilizing Family and Adolescent Treatment at Horizon.

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