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What is Vivitrol?

Patient and doctor

What is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is a medication that can treat both opiate and alcohol addiction.

How does it work?

Vivitrol blocks other opioids from acting on the receptors in the brain and can also help ease drug cravings and prevent relapse.  In other words, the medication can block the “pleasurable” effect of opioids or alcohol.

Do I have to go through detox?

Yes, you will need to have gone through detox prior to starting the medicine. Ideally you should not have taken any opiates for 7 to 14 days before your first injection. It is not required for you to stop drinking prior to your first injection, however, studies have determined that a person will have a better response if they stop drinking at least a week before their first injection.

Is it addictive?


Do I still need counseling?

Vivitrol is not a silver bullet solution.  This and all medication assisted treatments work best when combined with counseling and other recovery support.  According to the Center for Behavioral Health, “Studies have shown that opioid-dependent patients who received counseling and Vivitrol had significantly more days of complete abstinence, stayed in treatment longer, reported less craving, and were less likely to relapse to physical dependence.”  Studies This treatment can help you stop misusing opioids and alcohol and, when combined with counseling, can help you rebuild your life.

Is this the best treatment for you?

It is up to your doctor and counselor to discuss with you the best course of treatment.

If you or someone you know is dealing with substance use disorder and lives in Western New York, please call Horizon at (716) 831-1800.  We offer medication assisted treatment and counseling services.