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Real Life Story of Recovery — Meet Mark

We are often asked to share real-life stories of recovery. The following is a story that is sure to inspire you.

Meet Mark, a Horizon client who has successfully turned his life around…

Mark began suffering from severe depression when he was about sixteen years old. By his early twenties he had turned to drugs to help alleviate his symptoms of depression. His drug of choice – crack cocaine. Mark’s life was spiraling downward.

His struggles continued until he couldn’t hold a job and no longer had any place to live. Eventually he came to rely on Buffalo’s housing support network, so he at least had a place for shelter and food, but Mark continued to suffer with relapses to his addiction. It was through his support network that Mark was referred to Horizon’s Supportive Housing Program. That’s where he began his journey to recovery.

Once Mark was in the Housing Program he was referred to Horizon Village to help with his recovery from drug addiction and to treat his depression. Mark spent three months at Horizon Village in 2009. To Mark, those three months were life changing.

Today, Mark has his own apartment, thanks to the help of Horizon’s Supportive Housing Program. “My counselor was excellent. He knew when to put his foot down and when to show love,” says Mark.

Mark has been clean and now lives on his own and holds a job as a community outreach counselor for SNUG, an organization that works towards eradicating gang violence. In addition, Mark attends classes at Buffalo State College where he is working towards a teaching degree.

Mark credits Horizon’s housing program with giving him a new start in life. “I don’t know where I’d be without Horizon. I’d probably be homeless,” says Mark who thought it especially important that he be able to live by himself away from others who may negatively influence his recovery efforts.

Mark thanks Horizon for providing that opportunity and so much more.