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News: Thank you to ShareMyToolbox

Horizon Health Services is a not-for-profit organization in Western New York that provides an array of inpatient, residential and outpatient treatment and support services for individuals and their families dealing with substance use and/or mental health disorders. The Tool Tracking App has allowed Horizon to not only track our tools efficiently, but fulfill maintenance and construction duties/requests in our clinics, offices and residential buildings in a timely manner. This allows our patients to receive productive, safer and more reliable care, allows our employees to work in a dependable and positive environment and allows our team to stay on top of tasks and not misplace tools, which leads to increased costs for Horizon, as many tools are a large investment. A sincere thank you to ShareMyToolbox for donating their Tool Tracking App for our personal use. At Horizon we are focused on the delivery of quality, effective, and empathetic services to those in need and by utilizing ShareMyToolbox, we were able to continue to reach our goal of always trying to improve and better services for our patients.