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Group 401

Mindful Pregnancy Support Group

Horizon Health Services is now offering a mindful pregnancy support group! Horizon is teaming up with members from Catholic Health to ensure this group has all the resources and information our patient’s need. Thanks to the $25,000 awarded from the Garman Family Foundation, administered by the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo for Centering Family Plus, we are able to plan, create, and bring this group to life!Pregnancy Group Meeting

Horizon started this mindful pregnancy group to give women the support they need during this time in their life. This evidence based psycho-education group is offered with social work and women’s health professionals. A great added benefit of this group is that the patient is allowed to bring one support person along with them to the groups (no children).

“This group is a wonderful resource for expecting mothers to gain knowledge on pregnancy and parenting, as well as self-care and mindfulness techniques,” said Shannon Schwarberg, Open Access Coordinator at Horizon Health Services and Team Lead for the Mindful Pregnancy Group. “This program is unique because not only is it educational, but it is also a form of support and may even lead to life-long friendships. Pregnancy and motherhood can be challenging, and you don’t have to go through it alone.”

Catholic Health is also excited to be a part of this group and adds “Catholic Health is pleased to be working with Horizon Health to offer an innovative collaborative pregnancy group that will make a positive impact for both mom and baby prior to and during delivery.” CHS VP for Women’s Services Aimee Gomlak stated, ”Our team at Sisters was the first in the community to offer a group prenatal care option for patients and this endeavor is an extension of the training and dedication of our staff who are passionate about improving the care of our patients via a strong social network during pregnancy. We are always open to partnership that will help women in our communities.”

Further information & details:

Who can join the mindful pregnancy group? Any patient receiving services from Horizon Health Services, Horizon Village, Recovery Coaches or our Care Coordination Program that is pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant and struggling with a mental health and/or substance use disorder.

Where is it held? The group will be held at the Boulevard Recovery Center.

When? The group will meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday for 10 sessions from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. After the 10 weeks, a new group will start and continue throughout the year. Please be aware this group has rolling admissions so if you are interested in joining after the groups start date we can accommodate as long as there is room.

Who is leading this group? An Advanced Practice Clinician at the Boulevard Recovery Center will be leading the group, along with a social worker and nurse/lactation consultant from Catholic Health!

If you are currently connected with Horizon and are interested in joining the mindful pregnancy group, please talk to your counselor or contact our Admissions Team at 716.831.1800.