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Navigating a Pandemic Together

horizon team strong While a new year brings new goals and resolutions for some, we all know well enough that just because we say goodbye to 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic is not over. This past year was challenging to say the least. In a matter of days, outpatient and support services moved to a completely remote model, over 350 team members were trained in teleservices, and inpatient programs completely redesigned how to deliver care as safely as possible. However, what did not change is how Horizon responds in a crisis. From day one, the message remained, “we want to come out of this stronger than ever before and with every employee still with us.” We are proud to say this message remains true. While not simple or easy, our team members’ safety, job security and work-life balance remains top priority.

We all can relate to the fear, anxiety and sadness this pandemic brought into every home and workplace. People were unsure of what the next day would bring. News outlets continued to flash across televisions by the hour with updates, changes, and the fear of the unknown. While panic set-in, Anne Constantino, Horizon President and CEO, and her Senior Management team, remained calm. They continued to remind all team members that we would get through this together. We would get through this stronger than before because Horizon was smart, solid and at the end of the day, a family. A work family filled with compassionate, dedicated teams who came together for our patients and each other.

Through the months, there was continued talk about how Horizon could ever repay our team members for the sacrifices they made, and continue to make, throughout this pandemic. Employees who continued to work on-site every day in our residential facilities to ensure our patients continued to receive the care they needed and deserved. Employees who adapted to the new normal of connecting and supporting our patients in a virtual world, as well as the employees who work remotely without seeing co-workers in-person for months on end. Whatever the situation, we would not have been able to offer the lifesaving care to our community and knew we owed the Horizon family more than a “thank you.”

Horizon has always focused on improving the benefits for our team members and last year, despite the hardships and struggles, was no exception. We were proud to offer not only annual raises for every single Horizon employee, but also hazard pay, retirement contributions and year-end bonuses. Horizon believes in doing all they can to help employees achieve financial wellness for today and tomorrow. All qualifying employees received our 401(k) match and profit sharing contribution. In addition, there has never been a more critical time to implement a student loan assistance repayment program for staff. This program helps pay off student loan debt every month and Horizon has already contributed thousands of dollars towards our staffs student loans! Nothing will ever be enough to thank our team members for all they did and continue to do, but we will never stop trying.

Everyone will always remember 2020. However, at Horizon, we will remember it for more than what COVID-19 brought. We will remember it for the strength Horizon embodied, for the amazing contributions from our team members and for what is truly important in life.

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We are Horizon Strong!