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Horizon Continues its Expansion to Improve Access to Innovative Treatments

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 3.57.54 PMHorizon has a longstanding commitment to providing expedited access to the highest quality behavioral health services through employing the most advanced clinical practices delivered with data-driven operational and clinical efficiency. Our challenge, like that of all providers, is to respond expeditiously and effectively to the rapid and immense changes in our system of healthcare delivery. We believe that our success hinges on providing the highest quality of services to our clients and their families – services that are responsive to their needs and are easily accessed, timely and effective. Our core corporate goal is to be the leader in treatment practice innovation – demonstrating and communicating that recovery is possible.

All treatment and rehabilitation services at Horizon are based on the clinical needs of our clients and their personal goals for recovery. To meet these needs, Horizon provides several levels of care that provide each client treatment at the appropriate intensity and frequency.

Mental health services

Horizon’s outpatient mental health services provide individual, family and group solution-focused counseling and psychiatric services designed to assist our clients in developing the skills and resources they need to address the symptoms and challenges they face. Individuals served include those ranging from persons with transitory situational crises to those with serious and persistent mental illness. Horizon provides these services out of 9 locations across WNY.

Mental health rehabilitation & recovery day programs

Horizon’s rehabilitation and recovery services are designed to assist clients with more serious mental illnesses achieve psychiatric stability, avoid unnecessary hospitalization, and achieve successful community functioning. These day-long programs offer intensive treatment monitoring and supervision and a formal skill-based program to help clients develop social, activities of daily living, and pre-vocational skills.

Outpatient addictions services

Horizon also offers outpatient alcohol and drug treatment services at 12 community-based locations. The overall goals of these services are the establishment and maintenance of abstinence from all mood-altering substances and improvement in the individual’s family and community functioning. Horizon’s range of outpatient chemical dependency services includes:

  • Medication assisted treatment
  • Adolescent/family treatment
  • Services for families/significant others of persons with substance abuse
  • Family education
  • Services for children of persons with substance abuse (both adults and children)
  • Outpatient drug withdrawal risk assessment

Co-occuring mental health and addictions services

Horizon recognizes that many persons we serve are simultaneously coping with substance abuse and mental health issues. These needs are addressed through integrated care within the mental health or substance abuse programs or through co-enrollment in each program as needed. Services designed for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities who abuse substances are also provided.

Family support services

Horizon also recognizes the critical role of family member and significant other involvement in the successful recovery of our clients. Family involvement is emphasized in treatment planning and in supporting their loved one’s recovery efforts. We recently created a Parent and Family Support Coordinator position to increase family involvement and client engagement in our substance abuse services. Our coordinator Colleen Babcock will also perform general outreach and education to clients and families inquiring about Horizon’s substance abuse services, and provide training to families and community members to prevent and respond to opiate overdoses.

Residential rehab

Our Horizon Village Campus in Sanborn is growing and includes two intensive residential drug treatment programs which serve all of WNY. The Campus includes a 50-bed facility specifically designed for individuals suffering from substance use disorders, and Freedom Village, a 25-bed facility that provides specialized services for Veterans with substance abuse, post-traumatic stress and associated mental health issues.

We are also currently constructing another 25-bed facility designed to serve the needs of young adults caught up our local opiate abuse epidemic. Residents participate in a comprehensive, individualized recovery program, with a variable length of stay based on need but averaging approximately three (3) months. Horizon Village was recently selected by the National Council on Behavioral Healthcare as its “2014 Excellence in Addictions Treatment Innovation” awardee due to the range of cutting-edge services provided, including:

  • Integrated on-site mental health/psychiatry
  • Integrated on-site primary medical care for Horizon clients and community members
  • An on-site “therapy dog” raised and managed by HV staff
  • Evidence-based trauma treatment in a trauma informed setting
  • A comprehensive family program
  • A comprehensive Wellness/Fitness Program directed by a certified personal trainer
  • A fitness and recreation program including a full indoor gym, aerobics/yoga room, fitness facility and outdoor volleyball, basketball, softball, etc.
  • A Women’s treatment track with distinct groups
  • A young adult treatment track with distinct groups
  • Vocational /educational services including on-site college preparation, GED curriculum, job search skills, and financial aid services
  • Homemade, non-institutional and healthy food and nutrition/wellness training
  • Linkage to outpatient care for persons being discharged within 3 days to support ongoing recovery
  • Enrollment in Horizon’s peer-to-peer online support community “app”
  • Recovery coach support services

Horizon Village Terrace House

In January 2014, Horizon Village implemented inpatient alcohol and drug withdrawal services and inpatient substance abuse rehabilitation services at 291 Elm Street in Buffalo. Clients achieve mild to moderate alcohol and drug withdrawal in a safe and therapeutic environment, and participate is an inpatient rehabilitation program for an average 14-28 days.

Horizon will continue to expand and implement innovative and effective services that are quickly and easily accessible to meet community needs that are great and growing. Be assured of our relentless commitment to our vision – that all members of our community in need will enjoy ready access to the highest quality of services available.

If you have any questions about Horizon’s extensive services, please contact us at (716) 831-1800.