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Not Your Average Hide and Seek: Where Teens Hide Drugs

Where Do Teens Hide Drugs From Parents?

The following is a list of 10 of the most common places teens may hide substances such as drugs or alcohol.

  1. In their school supplies. A new use for those pens and highlighters includes stashing substances within. Highlighters have a space between the tip of the pen and the top of the cap that can hold small amounts drugs. Pens can be tampered with to remove the insides and conceal substances.
  2. In their makeup. Makeup containers, such as lipstick tubes also have small spaces where it would be very easy to store pills or powders.
  3. In the car. There are just so many places where drugs and/or alcohol can be stored out of sight from parents.
  4. In the toilets. One of the last places parents look might be in plain sight in the bathroom. Parents have found drugs concealed in water proof bags in the tank or behind the tank.
  5. In accessories. Teens can find belt buckles which are sold online and have disguised compartments. There is also paraphernalia like pipes used to smoke marijuana in the form of common accessories.
  6. Behind artwork. Posters, canvases or frames that are hung on the wall can conceal substances, such as paper tabs of LSD, that are easily flattened.
  7. The messy room. Teens are notorious for keeping their rooms, well, a mess. Illegal substances can be lurking from under those piles of clothes, books and papers.
  8. In the vents. Vent covers or light switch plates can be easily removed to stash pills or other small amounts of substances.
  9. Hollowed out books or cans with fake bottoms. Books can be modified and cans, such as shaving cream containers, soda, WD-40, and other common household goods, are used to hide drugs.
  10. Your medicine cabinet. The family medicine cabinet might not be a place where a teen hides his/her drugs, per se, but it is one of the most common places where a teen can find drugs to abuse. Medications such as cough medicine, sleeping pills, pain pills or other narcotics are commonly found in many homes.

What now?

This article isn’t meant for you to throw down the device you are reading this on and go and ransack your teen’s bedroom. It is meant to bring awareness to parents that teens might be trying to hide something from you. First, it’s important that you know the warning signs of drug abuse and what to look for. If you suspect that your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol give the Patient Support Specialists at Horizon Health Services a call today at (716) 831-1800. We can help you determine the next steps to take to ensure your teenager and your family gets the help you need.