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Grow With Us: Meet Makayla!

Grow With Us: Meet Makayla!Meet Makayla! Makayla began her career at Horizon in November of 2020 as a Treatment Assistant at Horizon Village. In her almost 3 years here, she has worked to grow in her career and now is the Operations Support Manager at Delta Village and Aurora Village. Continue reading below to discover how she has shaped her career and what she hopes to accomplish in her future with Horizon!

What kinds of trainings/ad hoc committees/workgroups have you been a part of that have supported your growth?

The trainings I have taken have been the biggest asset to my development. Some of my favorite trainings have been Mental Health First Aid, Trauma-Informed Care, and Professional Authority.
I also had the opportunity to work as the Assistant Operations Manager at Delta Village. At the time, it was a new position, so I was able to develop and grow into the role on my own. The Campus Operations team assisted me as well, which was more than helpful!

Can you speak to the mentorship relationships you’ve developed over the years and how these have helped you grow as a leader?

As far as mentorships go, I have been lucky enough to have multiple supervisors. Each one has taught me different management styles and skills, while also helping me develop my own unique skills. I have also had the opportunity to work with an AMAZING Campus Management team, who were all willing to lend advice when needed. All these mentors aided in my personal and professional development.

Do you have any goals for further growth within your role at Horizon?

My goals here at Horizon are to continue to build valuable connections with others in the company and further develop my leadership skills.

What would you say to someone who may be interested in growing in their career with Horizon?

I would encourage everyone to take advantage of trainings, leadership development opportunities, and to make connections with the individuals on their teams.

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