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Grow With Us: Meet Katie!

Meet Katie! Katie began her career at Horizon as an Administrative Assistant in 2011. Now as a Practice Manager, she has had many unique experiences and opportunities that have aided in her growth at Horizon. Continue reading to learn more!

What kinds of trainings/ad hoc committees/workgroups have you been a part of that have supported your growth?

Continued education and trainings are some of the many benefits that Horizon offers. Having the opportunity and access to continue learning, expand your skillset, and sit alongside your peers allows for growth both personally and professionally. Joining committees and workgroups have been one of my favorite ways to actively participate in making change at Horizon. Having the opportunity to brainstorm ideas, explore new processes, and really challenge the “status quo” allows for a tremendous opportunity for self-growth while also working towards a set goal or outcome.

Some of the many important trainings I’ve attended include the Ethics & Confidentiality, Mental Health First Aid, Trauma-Informed Care, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Serving LGBTQ+ Populations, and Intersectionality trainings. I’ve also been a part of some great committees such as the Fire Safety Committee, New Hire Onboarding Committee, Emerging Business Leaders, and more.

Can you speak to the mentorship relationships you’ve developed over the years and how these have helped you grow as a leader?

For me, I’m lucky that I have a strong relationship with my supervisor and really look up to her. She not only works with me to achieve my goals and challenges me when needed, but she also models the type of leader I aspire to be. She looks for opportunities for her staff to grow and is invested in our success.

There are many individuals within Horizon that I find to be great mentors. Some I work with closely and others I interact with from a distance. Reflecting on moments with your mentors and being mindful about how you can adopt admirable attributes they possess can be key to your development.

Do you have any goals for further growth within your role at Horizon?

Having been at Horizon for over 10 years now, I’m lucky to have learned that there are always opportunities to further your career goals. Often, it doesn’t even necessarily mean changing your role or title. One goal for myself has been working on streamlining workflows and administrative operations. Working closely with my supervisor, she has allowed me to run the Practice Manager Operations meetings. Through taking the lead on this initiative, I’ve been learning how to structure meetings, create agenda topics, and facilitate conversation, all which will contribute to my continued growth.

I constantly work towards expanding my knowledge on the operations side. However, I also have strong interests in advancing the patient experience at our outpatient clinics. With so many changes in the healthcare industry itself, I think it’s important to continue to challenge yourself, and your company, to provide the best care possible to patients.

What would you say to someone who may be interested in growing in their career with Horizon?

If you’re interested in growing your career with Horizon, be sure to utilize supervision and the dedicated time you have with your supervisor. Make sure your supervisor knows your interests, things that give you purpose, and what your career goals are. Your supervisor might encourage you to take on projects or join committees to support these goals. You might be pushed outside your comfort zone but be willing to embrace the challenges. Be fully invested in your future and focus on where you can learn. There are so many opportunities for you to really grow and develop if you put yourself out there!

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