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Grow With Us: Meet Jodi!

Grow With Us: Meet Jodi

Meet Jodi! Jodi began her Horizon career in 2001 as a Vocational Specialist, while working towards her master’s degree. She moved into a Counselor position in 2003, and then became a Program Director in 2006. In 2021, Jodi took leadership in overseeing our intake clinic, which primarily serves new patients beginning services at Horizon and uses our open access program to help patients connect with support. Jodi now serves as the Senior Program Director for the Intake Clinic at our 1376 Niagara Falls Boulevard location, and hopes to continue growing her career. Let’s learn more about her experiences at Horizon!

What kinds of trainings/ad hoc committees/workgroups have you been a part of that have supported your growth?

I have participated in many trainings, committees, and workgroups in my time at Horizon. One thing I have particularly enjoyed is my role with new hires and helping with new hire training, development, and retention. I have also participated in Dialectical Behavior Therapy workgroups and trainings, program development at various sites, piloting new initiatives, and more!

Can you speak to the mentorship relationships you’ve developed over the years and how these have helped you grow as a leader?

I have had a variety of mentorship opportunities over the years that have all assisted in my growth as a leader. I have been given so many opportunities to tap into my strengths and be creative in my work. On my journey at Horizon, I have met many amazing individuals who have taken me under their wing, challenged me, trusted me, and somehow always knew how to guide me to my next step.

Do you have any goals for further growth within your role at Horizon?

I truly believe that I am never done growing. I am always looking for the next opportunity or the next challenge I can take on. My work with the Intake Team and working to improve patient and counselor experience is very important to me, and I know there is more work to do in this area.

What would you say to someone who may be interested in growing in their career with Horizon?

There is no better place to grow your career and develop yourself professionally and personally. I have been afforded so many opportunities over the years to develop and grow in areas I never would have imagined. The flexibility and support from the Horizon team has allowed me to find a work-life balance while raising my family.
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