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Group 401

A special village

I’m living in a special village-
For the third time in my life;
When I first crawled through these doors;
I was a mom, waitress and wife.

The others who reside here;
Have lived part of their lives in hell;
Not many care to understand;
Addicts sentenced to our own prison cell.

GOD gave us this gift of people who care;
Horizon Village is our home away from home;
Where therapy breaks us down until we’re bare
A community where we’re never alone.
There are black people, white people- women and men
Some sent by the courts for a while…
Janitors, adult babysitter, nurses and cooks;
Most of all our counselors going many an extra mile.

We come in robber, liars and thieves;
With nothing and no one left to believe in…
Weighing not much more than 100lbs;
Doing more drugs we found no relief in.

They promise me I’m worth the pain;
That this work surely brings;
For this will be the toughest job;
More than that of mortal kings!

They taught me how to dig deep down inside-
Through sharing my feelings with truth;
Many fears I’m facing with courage and tears;
Tearing off masks I thought I could hide.

This community is full of miracles;
My Gods angels are busy here;
For those who dare to start school again-
It’s off to college and a new career!


Strong women are helping women share:
Hard won knowledge, strength and hope;
Planned parent hood and even Red Cross come-
Teach us the many risks of doing dope.

Horizon is unexplainably beauteous;
Here is my God’s art on display;
His grass is carpet for our feet…
Growing toward heaven everyday!