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Group 401

Expressive Arts Therapy

ID-1005747-arttherapyWe recently posted a video about our expressive arts therapy program at Horizon.  Here is a little more information about this unique program.

Funded by the Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation, the goal of our expressive arts therapy progam is to use art as a vehicle for self-expression and increased communication among adolescents, young adults and their families struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

The program has been incredibly successful. The primary impact of the techniques used in the expressive arts groups techniques is in improving clients’ communication skills through activities that encourage self-exploration and an improved sense of self.  These in turn translate into an improved capacity to communicate ones feelings and needs to others.

The feedback received from several clients included an interest in utilizing the expressive arts to connect with their young children and to enhance their communication in their relationships.  The projects that the clients participate in range from poetry, sculpture, painting, imagery, storytelling, dance, music, movement, dream work, and visual arts.

Horizon offers this program at the following locations: Hertel Ave., 1370 Niagara Falls Boulevard, and the East Amherst Family Recovery Center

Want to learn more?  Watch our video or call us at 716.831.1800.

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net.