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Eliminating Health Disparities During National Minority Health Month

Recognizing National Minority Health Month

What is NMHM and why is it important?

Every April, we acknowledge and celebrate National Minority Health Month (NMHM). NMHM is a time to build and spread awareness on health disparities felt by minorities and improve the health of racial and ethnic communities. NMHM originated from National Negro Health Week, which was established by Booker T. Washington in 1915. April officially became National Minority Health Month after receiving support from U.S. Congress in 2002.

The 2024 theme for NMHM is, “Be the Source for Better Health: Improving Health Outcomes Through Our Cultures, Communities, and Connections. The theme focuses on understanding how minority groups are impacted by their environments and reducing health disparities. Health disparities are a result from factors such as poverty, environmental threats, access to health care (or lack thereof), and more.

Through acknowledging and celebrating NMHM, we can work on eliminating health disparities, encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, and improving health equity for all.

How can you celebrate National Minority Health Month?

  • Discuss how we can continue to work towards health equity.
  • Encourage conversations about health disparities.
  • Get involved in your community – volunteer or donate.
  • Make healthy choices for your own health.

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