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Are You Struggling to Support a Loved One in Treatment?


Burn out is real – especially when trying to support a loved one in recovery. If you are feeling run down or are just looking for some support and aid through this process, CRAFT may be able to help!

What is CRAFT?

CRAFT, or Community Reinforcement and Family Training, is a nontraditional counseling opportunity for loved ones of patients. CRAFT works with parents, siblings, spouses, and friends to show them ways to positively engage with their loved one and increase their motivation to make healthy changes.

How does CRAFT work?

CRAFT focuses on the individual needs of both the Horizon patient and the loved one to adapt their communication styles, temperament, and more. By teaching you to create a positive environment, you and your CRAFT counselor will work on:

  • positively reinforcing your loved one’s behaviors that are in line with recovery,
  • withdrawing those same positive reinforcements when problematic behaviors are evident,
  • communicating positively,
  • and safely allowing for natural consequences of your loved one’s problematic behaviors.

CRAFT emphasizes the importance of timing, consistency, and tone when communicating with your loved one. The goal is to remind you that YOU are the expert on your loved one, motivate your loved one to make healthy life changes, and improve your own life satisfaction.

How big of a commitment is CRAFT?

Consistency and perseverance are encouraged to make the most of your utilization of CRAFT. However, our team recognizes that everyone has different obligations and availability. Your CRAFT counselor can provide you with appointments that work for you, and you can meet with your counselor at a frequency that suits your schedule. Appointments are available via phone or Horizon Telehealth.

How do I get started?

Do you have a loved one currently engaged in treatment with Horizon Health Services? If so, speak to their counselor about making a referral to CRAFT, and Aaron Borowczyk (Horizon’s CRAFT Counselor) will get back to you shortly.

If you do not have a loved one currently enrolled in treatment at Horizon, you can call Aaron Borowczyk at 716-493-2427 or email him at ABorowczyk@horizon-health.org.

Supporting a loved one during their recovery can be a challenging and stressful time. If you are struggling, Horizon is here to help. Call us today at 716-831-1800 or click here to learn more about our services.