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Why Call Horizon’s Online Consultation Program?

momdaughterHorizon’s FREE online consultation program is proving to be a terrific resource for people who have questions about addiction for themselves or loved ones.

This program was developed to provide the Western New York community with a place to turn when they are seeking information about addiction and rehabilitation. The online program allows you to talk directly with one of our highly skilled and trained addictions counselors.

Why call?  Here is a sampling of questions we’ve been getting through the hotline:

  • I think my teen is abusing drugs – what are the telltale signs?
  • How do I get my teen help if he doesn’t admit he is using?
  • Is my wife’s drinking out of control?
  • My husband is addicted to opiates, what detox options are available?
  • What do I do if a person I love is going through withdrawal?  What are the symptoms?
  • What does Horizon Village do if a client is in withdrawal?
  • How do I go about having an intervention?
  • I got a DWI, what are my treatment options?
  • What is residential rehab like?
  • I’m a Veteran and I’m using drugs to cope with stress.

We encourage you to use this wonderful resource. Arming yourself with knowledge is one step in a positive direction. You will always be greeted by a warm and friendly counselor who has the knowledge and tools to assist you.

Find out more about Horizon’s online consultation program.