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Share Your Service: Meet Tera!

Tera HeadshotAs a graduate from D’Youville College in 2016 with her PharmD, Tera joined the Horizon team in 2020 as a Pharmacist and Population Health Manager. As a Pharmacist, Tera is a resource to all staff to resolve drug information questions, address medication adherence concerns, and reduce patient barriers to taking medications. In her role as Population Health Manager, she seeks to meet the mental and physical health needs of Horizon’s patients, using a data-driven approach to identify patients, address barriers to treatment, and formulate interventions to improve patient engagement and health outcomes. Keep reading to learn more about Tera’s experiences at Horizon!

FAQ with Tera

Why did you choose Horizon?
I originally served in a consultant role at Horizon once a week through a previous job opportunity. While in that role, I built relationships and enjoyed working in the behavioral health space. I also found the staff at Horizon to be very welcoming and liked the overall Horizon culture. With that, I was very excited to learn of the Pharmacist opening position and applied!

What does a typical day at Horizon look like for you?
Each day is different, but in general, I answer medication-related questions, address patient referrals for medication non-adherence and side effect concerns, and provide education to patients. I also recently led outpatient mobile COVID vaccine clinics and piloted an Integrated Patient Empowerment Program. This program focuses on improving medication adherence, improving chronic disease education, supporting social needs, and improving patient engagement and outcomes.

What is one piece of advice you learned during your time at college that you still use today?
My education was built on a patient-centered and interdisciplinary approach. As a result of that, I strive each day to provide the best patient care possible.

How do you use your degree on a daily basis?
When receiving drug information questions, I look at the patient as a whole. I review their complete drug regimen and medical history in order to provide the best clinical response.

What is your favorite Horizon perk?
The ability to be innovative each day in improving patient and population outcomes is incredibly rewarding.

What is an experience or memory that stands out to you while working at Horizon?
Horizon’s dedication to the well-being and safety of staff really stands out to me. Horizon’s efforts in removing barriers for staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine was incredible – I was fully vaccinated by February thanks to Horizon!

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