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Share Your Service: Meet Shacarah!

Shacarah HeadshotHorizon’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB) Council was established in 2014 to develop, implement and promote its cultural philosophies in treatment, among staff and within the community. Throughout the years, the Council has passionately worked toward bringing forth additional resources, best practices, approaches, and training for everyone at Horizon and our community. To recognize and best understand the work of the Council, we will continue to highlight Council members through our “Share Your Service” features – let’s get to know Shacarah!

Q&A with Shacarah

Why did you choose Horizon?
Prior to moving back to Buffalo from San Diego, I was researching options for employment. I wanted to stay in the behavioral health field, and I knew I wanted to work for a not-for-profit organization. I chose Horizon because of the wide range of services the organization offers, and the different populations of clients they serve.

Additionally, Horizon offers continuous opportunities for personal growth and development. They provide internal trainings, as well as opportunities for “scholarships” to pay for external trainings. At Horizon, I knew there would be an ability to grow in my role and have autonomy over my practice.

What is your role at Horizon and what does a typical day look like for you?
I’m currently a Clinical Supervisor at our Niagara Falls Boulevard outpatient clinic. In this role, I have a small caseload of clients that I continue to provide direct care services to, but my day largely consists of supervising Clinicians and completing managerial and administrative tasks. I help my staff manage their caseloads, build their clinical skills and knowledge, and assist in their journey of professional growth and development.

As a Clinical Supervisor, I’ve also had the opportunity to engage in and promote projects I am passionate about. One of the main ways in which I do this is through Horizon’s Speakers Bureau. Through this program, I offer presentations to different community organizations, students, and parents/guardians on topics such as stress management, mindfulness, striving for balance, emotion management, and diversity and cultural awareness.

Stronger Together HorizonHow long have you served on the DEIB Council and which subcommittee are you in?
I’ve been on the DEIB Council for less than a year, as I joined in the summer of 2021. I currently serve on the community subcommittee.

What inspired you to join the Council?
I was inspired to join the Council because I wanted to ensure that Horizon was as involved in the community as possible. We are a large organization and have the resources to provide education, assistance, and support to other community partners and the many diverse populations throughout Western New York.

It’s our responsibility to be involved in improving the community as best we can, through both our personal and professional lives. I joined the community subcommittee in the hopes of doing just that – helping Horizon continue to grow and develop alongside our communities and assisting in meeting the needs of those around us.

What is one aspect of Horizon’s Stronger Together Culture that you value most?
Stronger Together means that we’re working toward common goals to show up and show out for people – for our peers, coworkers, and the community at large. I believe if we all put in just a little effort, we can leave the world better than we found it. We must keep the work going and let voices be heard – that’s what Horizon’s Stronger Together Culture is all about.

What gives you a sense of belonging at Horizon?
That’s easy – my teams. In my time at Horizon, I’ve been so fortunate to be placed on two amazing teams. I’ve also been able to connect with people from across the organization who are just as wonderful! I’ve created and fostered so many relationships within Horizon, and I’m so grateful to the company for that. We hire some incredible people!

Learn more about Horizon’s DEIB Council, and please contact us with any questions regarding DEIB initiatives.

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