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Share Your Service: Meet Melissa!

Coddington, MelissaMelissa joined the Horizon Team in 2015 as a Senior Counselor II after graduating from the University at Buffalo with her Masters in Social Work. Now as an Advanced Practice Clinician at our Niagara Falls Boulevard location, Melissa helps individuals with mental health challenges set goals, develop plans, and effectively manage their health and well-being.

Q&A with Melissa

First off, why did you choose Horizon?
I wanted to join a company that worked collaboratively with patients to provide support and bring about change. In addition to that, it was important to me to work for a company where employees are valued, and personal growth and self-care is encouraged. Horizon has been a great fit in all of these areas!

What does a typical day at Horizon look like for you?
What I love about my job is that every day is both routine and totally different at the same time! Each day follows a routine because I have a certain number of sessions and groups. The days are different, however, because the topics and treatment modalities vary from person to person. I also have weekly team meetings and time in my day to coordinate with family members and other treatment providers.

How has your education shaped your career?
My social work education is such a core part of my identity. It informs not only what I do practically in my work, but also how I view, connect with, and understand the world we live in.

What is one thing you learned in school that has helped shape who you are today?
Learning about various topics from micro to macro levels has really helped me gain a deeper sense of compassion for others. It has allowed me to develop a greater understanding of the numerous systems and communities that influence, shape, and impact all of us as people.

What is your favorite Horizon perk/benefit?
Easy! I love Horizon’s generous PTO plan!

What is a memory that stands out to you while working at Horizon?
It’s hard to pick just one that stands out. There are moments I cherish with my coworkers, such as team building activities, trainings, and lunch room conversations. I also have many moments with patients I will never forget, including making change, celebrating progress and bearing witness to their resiliency.

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