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Share Your Service: Meet Emily!

Emily HeadshotAs an Advanced Practice Clinician at our residential campus in Sanborn, NY, Emily has been a valued member of the Horizon team since 2019. Emily received her Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education and Special Education from Houghton College, Master of Education in Differentiated Instruction from St. Bonaventure University and recently obtained her Master CASAC. Learn more about her journey as a Counselor at Horizon below!

Q&A with Emily

What made you choose Horizon?

I had experience collaborating with Horizon in my previous place of employment, as we often referred patients to Horizon Village Terrace House when they needed a higher level of care. Horizon was always respected by my previous place of employment and the patients I served. When looking for a new job, Horizon was at the top of my list because of the positive experiences both my patients and I had interacting with the organization. Additionally, as I was going through the hiring process, I got the feeling that I would be joining a family-oriented team that would challenge me to become a better counselor.

How has your education shaped your career?

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Interestingly, my career took a left turn after 3 years of teaching. It wasn’t long before my “left turn” became my “forever turn.” One may think that my education has played little to no effect on my current career, however, there are endless ways to connect them. My degree focused on the different strengths and needs of my students and how to differentiate my teaching style to meet those various strengths and needs. Additionally, my degree concentrated on building relationships with my students, being a lifelong learner, and remembering the fragile balance between teaching academics and character. The way in which I approached teaching is very similar to the way in which I approach my patients as a Counselor. Everybody is unique and it’s important not to take a one-size-fits-all approach.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Working at one of Horizon’s residential facilities is a unique experience because much of my day is up to how I choose to plan and organize my workweek. There are occasional unexpected tasks, but what I love is that I have a set of responsibilities that need to be completed throughout my workweek and I have the freedom to complete my tasks within the time allotted in a way that works best for me. A typical day includes facilitating one or two clinical groups, meeting with a few patients for an individual session, and an hour or two of paperwork.

What keeps you motivated in your role?

My main focus recently has been growing in my ability to have critical conversations with my peers. I am finding it more and more important to be open, honest, and vulnerable wherever I go so that I am able bring a healthy state of mind to my group and individual sessions. I am motivated by my own recovery journey, building relationships with peers and patients, seeing others grow and make it through bumps and struggles, and knowing that there will never be an endpoint in my learning. I have grown tremendously since starting at Horizon in 2019 and I am excited to continue to learn and work through the daily challenges that encourage me to cultivate growth.

What is your favorite Horizon perk/benefit?

My favorite perk would have to be the generous amount of PTO we get each year and the option to buy back PTO hours that we don’t plan on using.

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