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Group 401

Share Your Service: Meet Ashley!

Beitz, Ashley

Ashley has been with Horizon for two years as a Practice Manager. Ashley provides direct supervision to Administrative Assistants and oversees the logistical operations of the facility. She works with her team to ensure that the patient experience from the moment the patient steps through the door or calls is welcoming, seamless, efficient, and responsive to their needs. Before her start with Horizon, Ashley received her Bachelor’s degree in Criminology from Niagara University. While Ashley may not be working directly with our criminal justice system, she still uses her degree in many different ways in her career!

FAQ with Ashley

How has your education shaped your career?


I think that my education at Niagara University prepared me most for being able to efficiently problem solve. I hope I don’t let any cats out of the bag on this one, but our criminal justice system has not yet been solved. With that being said, many of the courses specific to a criminal justice major include identifying that a problem exists within the system, why it exists, and then exploring the different ways that have been used to try to alleviate or correct the problem. By exploring the different ways that the system has used to correct the problem, we can further explore what does and does not work best and brainstorm towards solutions for a better system in the future. While I didn’t choose to go into a career of putting these specific solutions into action, I did go into one of many careers that use problem solving on a very regular basis. As a Practice Manager and employee at Horizon in general, I am regularly working with our team to identify problems that have either existed or developed, brainstorm solutions, and then take action.

Any advice for college graduates who, like many, don’t know what the future holds after graduation?

I think that it is important to understand that college education is meant to be broad. There is a reason we have to take all those general education and elective courses that sometimes have little to do with your specified major. They are meant to develop us into people with expansive knowledge to apply to various situations. So, when graduation comes, don’t feel limited to just the jobs that are most popular for your major. Think of how broad your education was and how you can apply it to something that is meaningful to you.

Now, let’s talk about your path to Horizon. How did you get here?

My cousin worked at Horizon for a long time and raved about her career here. After doing my research and looking more into the company, I felt a connection, especially to the mission.

What’s an experience that stands out to you with your time at Horizon?

I think March/April of 2020 will stand out to everyone that works at Horizon. It was a time when everyone was so unsure about so much but still came together in a miraculous way to take care of each other so that we could all work towards the same common goal to keep patient care as undisrupted as possible. I had only been with Horizon for less than 6 months at that point in time, and it was validating and humbling to see the resilience in our teams and unwavering leadership from Horizon’s senior staff.

You know Horizon is always trying to find the best employee perks and benefits. Do you have a favorite?

Easy, closing early on Fridays! I love having a long weekend all summer.

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