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Share Your Service: Meet Antwanaisja!

Antwanaisja PhotoAs a Senior Care Coordinator, Antwanaisja’s passion, motivation, and hard work as a member of the Horizon Team ensures those we serve receive comprehensive and quality care. Antwanaisja has been with the Horizon team for almost three years and graduated from Canisius College with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She’s currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Management at Buffalo State College, with goals of continuing to grow in her role and responsibilities within the organization.

Q&A with Antwanaisja:

Why did you choose Horizon?

I joined the Horizon team because of the benefits, flexibility, and atmosphere. The managers in the Care Coordination Department foster a work environment unlike any other place I have previously worked at. On a companywide scale, the management team works hard to ensure that the staff is well taken care of.

What does a typical day at Horizon look like for you?

Every day is different – some days I reach out to providers and counselors for resources in the community. On other days, I have meetings in the community with members to support them in accomplishing different goals. Depending on the level of support the member needs, I may also attend an appointment with them.

How has your education shaped your career?

My career has been shaped primarily by my drive to impact the lives of people with behavioral health diagnoses on a mass scale. I’m currently pursuing my Master’s in Public Management, which will support my ability to achieve these career goals. Through my MPA, I will be able to have a greater voice in policies affecting the behavioral health field, and hope to grow in my career into a management role at Horizon.

What keeps you motivated in your role?

My long-term career goal of running a not-for-profit keeps me dedicated to my work. I have a desire to help those who are struggling with behavioral health challenges on an administrative level. Each day I’m serving those in our community, I keep these long-term goals in mind.

What is your favorite Horizon perk/benefit?

My favorite benefit is Horizon’s summer hours. This allows for more flexibility within my schedule to enjoy more time outside of work during the week.

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