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Share Your Service: Meet Amber!

Amber HeadshotAmber joined the Horizon Team in 2019 as an Administrative Assistant after graduating from Niagara County Community College with her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. Now as a Clinical Care Specialist at our Niagara Falls Boulevard location, Amber plays a key role in supporting both our administrative team and counselors in the day-to-day functions of the outpatient clinic.

Q&A with Amber

What made you choose Horizon?

I chose Horizon because of their mission to help people facing mental health and substance use challenges. I’ve always wanted a career where I feel like a truly make a positive impact in the lives of others, and at Horizon, I do.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

As a Clinical Care Specialist, I have various tasks I’m responsible for on a daily/weekly basis. This includes assisting with hospital alerts, running reports, court reports, collateral calls, and administering toxicology’s. Additionally, I assist the counselors throughout the day with anything they need help with such as referrals, coordinating care, patient outreach, and more.

How has your education shaped your career?


Having an associate’s degree opened the door for me to start my career at Horizon as an Administrative Assistant. As I continue to build my knowledge and skillset at Horizon, I know I will continue to grow and advance in my career.

What keeps you motivated in your role?

Ultimately, knowing that I am helping people is what keeps me motivated in my role. I want to continue to grow and learn so I can be the most efficient and effective in my role. My coworkers and supervisor also motivate me through their encouragement and appreciation for the work I do.

What is your favorite Horizon perk/benefit?

I love the amount of flexibility I have within my role, as well as the generous PTO and paid holidays that are given to team members. It shows the emphasis Horizon places on ensuring its team members have a healthy work/life balance.

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