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Shantelle’s Story

Shantelle is a woman in her mid-30s who is recovering from a dependency on alcohol, crack cocaine and marijuana with the help of Horizon Health Services.

She is on her way to overcoming her dependency, and her counselor at Horizon’s Bailey-LaSalle facility, Genesta Wilson, believes she has made many of the necessary changes in her life that validate Shantelle’s stated commitment to changing her life.

Shantelle had been in other treatment programs, which worked on and off for her. But she was fearful of not maintaining her abstinence, believing she could not resist drugs if they were offered to her. Ending a very negative relationship with a man she’d been involved with for nearly five years – who turned her on to cocaine – helped Shantelle overcome that fear. Having her mom and daughter nearby as a support system has also helped Shantelle.

“Shantelle is working very hard to live a recovery-based lifestyle,” says Genesta. She’s realizing she has options, she’s making better choices and she’s getting all she can out of her recovery treatment.”

As she attends her relapse prevention and self-help groups, Shantelle is also looking forward to taking GED prep classes and becoming a receptionist. She has a sponsor, and receives a lot of moral support and assistance from her brother, who is also in recovery. Later this fall, Shantelle will speak at a Narcotics Anonymous conference, using her experiences to help others in recovery.

“Horizon has really helped me look forward, not back,” says Shantelle. “They’ve helped me find the good things in me and bring them out.”

And for Shantelle, that means heading down the right path, the path to recovery.

Path To Recovery
The Path To Recovery includes true stories of consumers who overcame many obstacles with the help of Horizon Health Services to turn their lives around. Last names have been omitted for privacy.