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Recognizing National Recovery Month 2023

September is Recovery MonthEach September, we observe National Recovery Month. First recognized in 1989, National Recovery Month focuses on raising awareness surrounding mental health and addiction recovery. Recovery Month also recognizes the community recovery builds, acknowledges both the everyday successes and challenges of those in recovery, the important work of those in addiction and mental health care, and the continued education and understanding of mental health and addiction recovery.

“Every Person. Every Family. Every Community.” is the now permanent tagline for the Faces and Voices of Recovery. This tagline serves as a reminder that recovery is possible for everyone, and that it is real. Let’s continue to spread awareness, embrace those in recovery, and encourage communities that promote growth and healing throughout September and beyond.

How can I recognize National Recovery Month?

  • Share stories of recovery.
  • Educate others on the importance of prevention, understanding addiction, knowing about the treatment and services available, and reminding them that recovery is possible.
  • Share mental health and addiction resources.

Below some of our patients reflect on recovery:

“Recovery is living and enjoying the life I’m meant for and deserve, having good relationships with family and friends, and being a productive, contributing member of society.”

“Recovery means a new way of life because the one I was living was meaningless, hopeless, dangerous, selfish, and very stupid. But in recovery, I can change all that and get most of my life back and one day at a time move forward.”

If you or a loved one is struggling, Horizon is here to help. Call us today at 716-831-1800 or click here to learn more.