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National Impaired Driving Prevention Month: Stay Safe this Holiday Season

The season of holiday parties is upon us! It’s here full of seemingly endless opportunities to celebrate and connect with family, friends, and coworkers.

In addition to the gift-giving and cookie-exchanging, December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Stay safe as you socialize this holiday season: if you’ll be consuming alcohol, remember to use one of Buffalo’s safe driving services.

Here are three excellent options in Western New York that will help get you to and from your holiday gatherings.

Designated Drivers of Buffalo (DDOB)

The hallmark of DDOB is comfort, convenience, and familiarity: their drivers will drive you and your car wherever you need to go.

  • DDOB offers multiple services. To get the lowest rates, sign up for a membership that reflects your needs. Average memberships are $10-$20 per month, and will get you:
    • On-demand pickup service → $25 + $3/mile ($45 without membership)
    • Personal driving by the hour, great for multiple stops → $25/hour ($45 without membership)
    • Corporate and on-site event services, and shuttles for large groups → pricing packages vary
  • With DDOB, you stay in the comfort of your own car. If you have multiple appearances to make, having a personal driver is a smart investment to have an enjoyable and safe evening. On New Years Eve, DDOB offers a free ride program in tandem with William Mattar attorneys. DDOB is Buffalo-born, and a completely local company.
  • There are three ways to set up your ride with DDOB: through their mobile app, the telephone, or a computer. You can schedule a ride in advance for a specific time, or allow about an hour for an impromptu pick-up.


Emblematic of the ride-sharing movement, Uber is the most widespread and well-known platform for a quick, low-cost ride. Download the app to your phone to schedule a pickup. Each driver has a profile you can see, and you can track their arrival. Passengers and drivers rate each other after each ride. Fares vary, and all payments are done electronically.


Increasingly popular, Lyft is another low-cost alternative to the traditional taxicab. Use the app on your phone to connect with drivers near you. Pickups tend to be quick, and drivers and passengers mutually rate one another. Fares vary and all payments are electronic.

Yes, Grandma’s eggnog can be delicious – but it’s not worth the risk of hurting yourself or someone else by driving impaired. Leave the stress and the car keys at home.