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Mental Health: Frequently-Asked Questions

This week is Mental Illness Awareness Week.

The following are the answers to some frequently-asked questions about mental health issues:

What causes mental illness?
We don’t know the specific causes of mental illnesses. However, causes can include the influences of our biological make-up, the impact of our life experiences including those of early life/childhood, trauma and current stressors. The degree to which each of these is a factor differs for each individual.

Does having a mental illness mean I’m crazy?
Unfortunately, TV and movie depictions have made fun of persons with mental illness, portraying them as stupid or comical. These depictions are inaccurate and inappropriate. Mental illness is a disease – just as cancer and heart disease are – and is not due to personal inadequacies or moral failings.

Should I come for treatment if I don’t know what is wrong with me?
Yes. Knowing what is going on is half the battle.  Part of the process of treatment is coming to understand the factors involved in causing your symptoms.  We can help you discover what is going on and we can come up with a plan to help you cope and recover.

What happens during counseling sessions?
Counseling involves your speaking with a counselor individually or in the context of group or couples/family treatment. Counselors provide guidance, encouragement and support to help you:

  • Understand the sources and causes of your symptoms and difficulty functioning
  • Apply your current strengths and resources toward recovery
  • Develop new skills to manage your feelings and be more effective in your various life activities and relationships

What if I just want medication and not counseling?
Research clearly shows that recovery is best achieved when medication and counseling are provided in combination. Horizon does not provide medication without counseling except in cases when the consumer has no need of further counseling as determined by the staff.

No matter what you are going through–we are here to help. Call our mental health counselors at (716) 831-1800.