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Group 401

Meet Our Cutest Team – Horizon’s Therapy Dogs!

Studies show that interactions with animals can reduce anger, stress, anxiety, depression, and improve someone’s ability to socialize, especially for those in mental health treatment. Our Therapy Dog Program helps patients feel more comfortable in sessions. The Therapy Dog Team works in our outpatient clinics, on our Horizon Village Campus, and out in the community.

Meet our adorable team below!

Meet Piper!

What is Piper’s favorite toy?
“The socks that she ‘borrows’ from patients or an empty water bottle (she’s a simple girl).”
Fun fact!
“Piper is a cold weather dog. Even in the worst of winter weather conditions, it is hard to get her to come inside. Also, she is a cancer survivor!”

Meet Horizon!

What is Horizon’s favorite toy?
“Horizon loves anything that squeaks and then proceeds to shred them up.”
Fun fact!
“Horizon smiles and loves to carry her own leash and walk herself.”

Meet Luna!

What is Luna’s favorite toy?
“Luna loves stuffed animals and will often carry one around while visiting with people.”
Fun fact!
“Luna talks, and we call her ‘wiggle butt’ because she will carry her toy, wiggle her butt, and talk.”

Meet Aurora!

What is Aurora’s favorite toy?
“Aurora’s favorite toy is a frisbee. She will play fetch with it all day and has gotten very good at jumping and catching it!”
Fun fact!
“When Aurora was a puppy, she was afraid of guitars. We have worked with her to extinguish this fear!”

Meet Duke!

What is Duke’s favorite toy?
“He has a rubber pig he loves to carry around. It used to have a squeaker that made a loud ‘OINK’ sound like a little piggy and he was scared of it at first, but he overcame his fear and has carried the toy around with him for years now.”
Fun fact!
“Duke loves getting pets so much that he has learned how to trick people into petting him. He will wait for someone to sit down, slide his nose under their elbow, and nudge their arm up so the person’s hand will fall right on top of his head. Then he will just stare at the person with a great big smile that says, ‘Well, if your hand is going to be there, it might as well pet me.’”

Meet Ryder!

What is Ryder’s favorite toy?
“Ryder’s favorite toy is tie between her Easter carrot and peep. Easter must be her favorite holiday!”
Fun fact!
“Ryder’s favorite summer activity is camping! She loves to hang out by a campfire at night and get an occasional hot dog from the grill. Her investigative nose loves to follow the scents of any woodland critters that might be nearby.”

Meet Loki!

What is Loki’s favorite toy?
“Loki’s favorite toys are anything that makes a deep pig-like noise.”
Fun fact!
“Prior to coming to Horizon, Loki spent the first years of her therapy dog career as a police K-9 with the Erie County Sheriff’s Department! She was the first therapy dog in law enforcement in NYS and many law enforcement agencies have since modeled their therapy dog programs around her and her work.”

Meet Zoey!

What is Zoey’s favorite toy?
“Zoey’s favorite toys are ‘hideaway toys’ – she has a squirrel that can pop in and out of a tree stump toy. She loves to toss them around.”
Fun fact!
“Zoey has a great singing voice and loves to howl with sirens.”

Meet Leo!

What is Leo’s favorite toy?
“Leo’s favorite toy is his tug-a-rope.”
Fun fact!
“A fun fact about Leo is that his full name, ‘Leonidas,’ comes from the movie 300 and is named after the Greek war leader.”

Meet Alf!

What is Alf’s favorite toy?
“Alf loves balls of all kinds!”
Fun fact!
“After a hard day of work, Alf goes home and practices self-care by running around the yard with his dog-sister Ella.”

Meet Hank!

What is Hank’s favorite toy?
“Hank loves his turtle toy most, he took it upon himself to remove all 4 legs and tail, so it is now a custom toy unique only to him!”
Fun fact!
“Hank burps… A LOT!”

Meet Raleigh!

What is Raleigh’s favorite toy?
“Raleigh’s favorite toy is whatever is closest! When he’s happy, like greeting us when we come home or meeting new people when he’s at work, he grabs the closest toy and carries it in his mouth to celebrate. We refer to whatever this is as his ‘Happy Toy!’”
Fun fact!
“Raleigh is the big brother in a pack of three dogs. His ‘little’ brothers are a Basset Hound named Baxter and a Bloodhound named Moose.”