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Horizon Wellness Walk 2017

Horizon Health Services is preparing for its fourth annual Wellness Walk. The purpose of the walk is to gain funds for additional programs and education to better serve the needs of our clients. Although the walk is becoming a company tradition, everyone is welcome!

Q & A’s about our Annual Wellness Walk:

When is it?
The 2017 Wellness Walk will take place on September 17th, 2017. Registration starts at 8:30 AM and the Walk begins at 10:00 AM

Where is it?
The Horizon Wellness Walk is held in Delaware Park on Ring Road. The start of the walk takes place near Colvin and Amherst Street.

What does it cost?
The signup fee for the Horizon Wellness walk is $25 dollars per person. This includes the price of the Horizon tee shirt that you will receive the day of the event. Kids under 12 are FREE!

What happens at this event?
The Horizon Wellness Walk consists of only ONE lap around Delaware Park. Before the walk begins, there will be free food and refreshments available to all participants as well as a small raffle booth.

Who can I bring to this event?
The event is open to the public. You can bring your family, friends, loved ones, dogs, and so on.

How do I sign up?
Horizon Employees have received emails that contain the registration form. All others can sign up at our GiveGab site.

What if I only want to donate and not participate?
That’s okay! Horizon is grateful for all donations.

How long does the event last?
The Horizon Wellness Walk lasts no more than an hour from its start time of 10 AM. Again, the walk consists of only ONE lap around Delaware Park. But refreshments will continue to be available afterwards.

What can I do after the event?
The Delaware Park area has a lot to offer. Below are a couple of post-walk options close to our event.

  • Ashkers in the Park
  • The Terrace at Delaware Park
  • Buffalo Zoo
  • Albright Knox Art Gallery
  • Lloyd’s Taco Factory

So, come out and join us for the Horizon Wellness Walk on September, 17th 2017! It’s a causal day and an easy way to support physical and mental wellness.