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Horizon Featured in the Tonawanda News

ID-10081169 - pillHorizon’s CEO Anne Constantino and counselor Nick Gazzoli were recently interviewed by the Tonawanda News for an article “Just a Pill”. The article is the first in a series on the rise of Prescription Drug Abuse and how it’s impacting Western New York.

Here are some of the take home points from the article:

  • Pharmaceutical drugs have replaced street drugs like heroin and cocaine as the single leading cause of overdose death among users nationwide.
  • The problem is so big in this area that New York state’s latest budget includes a competitive grant to expand residential drug treatment services, a grant available in just two areas of the state: Staten Island and Western New York.
  • Rx drug abuse is growing at an exponential rate, especially amongst young people.
  • Drug addiction doesn’t discriminate. People attending Horizon for treatment are school kids, middle-aged mothers and working professionals.

To read the article “Just a Pill” in its entirety, please visit:

And to find out more about Horizon’s addictions programs including our residential rehab facility Horizon Village, please visit our services page or call us at 716.831.1800.