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Great strides made by NYS for implementing I-STOP

Many families have been affected by the opiate epidemic that is prevalent in WNY. AviIsrael and his wife Julie have been strong advocates ever since their son killed himself after dealing with a painful illness and became addicted to opiates because of his depressive and overly medicated state.

On July 11th 2012 a press conference was held at the Attorney General’s office where many lawmakers as well as State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman discussed the new I-STOP law which stands for Internet System of Tracking Over-Prescribing.  This law, among many other things, will:

  • Create a statewide online database that allows doctors and pharmacists to be able to more easily track narcotic drug prescriptions given to patients.  This should prevent people from being able to get different prescriptions from a number of different doctors
  • New York has now become the first state to require doctors to consult the database and look up a patients prescription history prior to prescribing
  • Hydrocodone will become a Schedule II drug which in turn ends automatic refills.
  • The state will establish an improved disposal program for expired and un-needed drugs

 Avi Israelspoke at the press conference and acknowledged that Horizon Health Services needs more beds in order to get our waiting list down and serve more people in our community

 If you are someone you know is addicted to prescription drugs. Please dont hestiate to contact us at 716-831-1800.