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Ask Anne: Counseling for first responders

firefighter crewQuestion: My husband is a fire fighter and deals with an incredible amount of stress on the job. I am nervous that he holds a lot in, which causes even more stress and anxiety. He would never admit to needing counseling but I really think it could be beneficial for him. Is there a program out there for people in his field where he could get help?

Answer: There is absolutely help available and it is so important for you to recognize that your husband is in need of support. First responders, including firefighters, police, paramedics, military, and other emergency personnel face stressors that can be very difficult to talk about, and can contribute to anxiety, depressive symptoms, acute and post-traumatic stress, and substance abuse. Having professional therapy services available provides a much-needed outlet to process work experiences safely and keep professionals focused and passionate about the lifesaving work they do.

Very often, family members will want to seek out help for themselves as well, or may look to work on family and relationship problems with their loved one who is already in treatment. Family, couples, and individual session work is an integral part of the therapy process and can be arranged as often as needed, all part of the holistic healing experience one can expect.

Horizon Health Services is proud to announce the opening of a new specialty psychotherapy service designed to meet the needs of the Western New York community. Our customers receive private, confidential care provided by experienced, highly trained clinical experts in the fields of mental health, substance use, and psychiatry. We offer unlimited access to care with flexible scheduling and a safe, comfortable, therapeutic environment to individuals, couples, and families.

Please call (716) 831-1800 for more information on this service.