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Group 401

Kara’s Story

Kara always prided herself on being a “fixer” so when her uncle was diagnosed with schizophrenia she nominated herself to put together all the broken pieces of his life. She spent countless hours listening to him and eventually allowing her emotions to tie to his. Once she realized she couldn’t “fix” her uncle, she also couldn’t fix herself.

Making matters worse, it became apparent that her older brother was abusing prescription drugs and her father was eventually arrested due to his own demon, alcohol. Although she tried, Kara couldn’t fix any of it. Instead she cried, she yelled, she became angry, sad and resentful. Kara described her feelings as, “driving myself crazy thinking of ways to fix all the problems.”

Her days became dependent on everyone else as her emotions mirrored those of family members who were struggling. She no longer had control of her own emotions and only felt fulfilled when trying to help other family members. Kara had become “co-dependent”. Luckily her mom realized that she wasn’t leading the life of a normal, healthy twenty year-old and suggested she go to Horizon for counseling. Kara found that counseling brought an objective, third party perspective to what was going on with her family and in her life. She found the clarity she needed and learned how to handle things differently. She no longer needed to be the “fixer” of her family’s problems. She has new found strength and optimism in every new day.

“These people just care,” Kara says about the Horizon team. “It takes a special person to do what they do at Horizon and I’m just grateful they were there.”

(Last names have been omitted for privacy).

If you feel like you have too much on your shoulders and you need support, turn to Horizon. Our dedicated counselors can help you take back your life. (716) 831-1800

Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net