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Breaking Stigma: Behavioral Health Training Opportunities & Resources

Are you looking for support while helping a loved one through recovery? Or maybe you’re looking to learn about substance use and mental health? At Horizon, we believe education and creating spaces for conversations are critical in addressing the behavioral health challenges facing our community.

Colleen Babcock, Horizon’s Parent and Family Support Coordinator, works with families and loved ones of those in recovery to provide them with resources, information, and support. She also provides trainings to schools, organizations, and community groups seeking education and resources related to substance use. Colleen also leads Horizon’s Therapy Dog Program, and often brings one of our furry friends along to her speaking engagements!

Colleen Babcock

Resources & Trainings for Addiction Awareness:

Through her years of supporting families and loved ones facing the challenges of addiction, Colleen compassionately helps individuals navigate and understand the disease of addiction. Below are opportunities available to you for increased education and support:

  • Parent and Family Support Group – The goal of the Parent and Family Support Group is to provide loved ones of those in recovery with resources, support, and knowledge on mental health and substance use disorder.
  • Opiate Overdose Prevention Training – The Overdose Prevention Training supplies attendees with the knowledge of how to be prepared in the case of an overdose.
  • Understanding Substance Use Training – In this training, attendees will learn about alcohol, opiates, and signs of substance use.

Learn more about these Addiction Awareness Trainings here.

Trainings on Vaping and Tobacco Use Among Youth:

Are you a school leader or parent/guardian looking to provide our youth with education on the dangers of vaping and tobacco use? Through the American Lung Association, Colleen is certified to provide the below trainings to youth in our community:

  • INDEPTH Training – INDEPTH (Intervention for Nicotine Dependence: Education, Prevention, Tobacco, and Health) Training is intended for youth aged 12-19, and teaches them about nicotine dependence, establishing healthy alternatives, and how to make the change to be free from all tobacco products.
  • N-O-T Training – N-O-T (Not On Tobacco) Training is offered to youth aged 12-19, and aims to support vape and tobacco-free policies, and help students develop healthier behaviors.

Learn more about the American Lung Association Trainings here.

Want to learn more or schedule a training with Colleen?
Contact Colleen via email at CBabcock@horizon-health.org or by calling/texting at (716) 907-2985 to learn more about her Parent and Family Support Group, free Narcan trainings, and other training opportunities.