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Group 401

Peer Advocates

Peer Advocates have shared experience and a strong desire to assist individuals in recovery from substance use or mental health by sharing their experience, strength and hope to empower the individual to create change. They assist with self-advocacy, self-efficacy, and empowerment to foster engagement and collaboration while promoting voice and choice.

At Horizon, we value the family’s healing and need for education at all stages throughout the treatment process. A Family Peer Advocate has lived experience and is able to provide support, advocacy and educational opportunities to family and community members. They act as a liaison between parents/guardians/families, the clinical team and admissions staff in order to find the best recommendations for next steps in the treatment process or even support after treatment.

A Peer Advocate…

  • Promotes recovery by helping to remove barriers and obstacles to recovery.
  • Serves as a personal guide and mentor.
  • Can meet patients at a Horizon clinic or out in the community.
  • Serves as an accountability partner to help the person stay on track.
  • Is action oriented with an emphasis on improving present life and reaching future goals.
  • Uses various modes of communication to connect with patients, including 1:1, phone check-ins and text messaging.

A Peer Advocate works with individuals in multiple stages of recovery through stabilization and into recovery maintenance.

This program is only available to current Horizon patients.

Feeling better is possible. We can help.

Many Horizon outpatient services can be offered through virtual care. Request an appointment or call 716-831-1800.