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Share Your Service: December 2018

Andrew GruberOver the past decade, Horizon has been recognized as a Best Place to Work by several different organizations, and more importantly our employees. Today, we are featuring one of our dedicated Care Coordinators, Andrew Gruber, as he reflects upon why he likes working at Horizon.

Meet Andrew

Q: What do you do at Horizon?

As a Care Coordinator, my job is to be a hands on support invested in my patients’ lives. Whether I’m meeting them in their homes, assisting them link to important resources in the community, or just a comforting voice on the phone, I try to develop trusting relationships with our patients while helping them achieve their unique goals.

Q: Why do you like working at Horizon?

Horizon has afforded me the opportunity to reach people in distress and make a genuine difference in their lives. I’m fortunate to work with a management group that allows me to build my own schedule and independently manage my responsibilities, while also providing constant support when I need it. Within my role, I’ve been able to meet many of Horizon’s staff members throughout my two and a half years here. I’m always impressed with how friendly and down to earth everyone is.

Q: What do you think make Horizon a best place to work?

Horizon employees are quick to extend themselves for one another and our patients. It’s something I see constantly in our facilities, at team building activities, or company events. I believe the staff here takes pride in carrying themselves that way and that kind of attitude is infectious. When individually I’ve been faced with difficult situations, I know I have an entire team behind me ready to help.

Q: What is your favorite benefit that Horizon offers?

I’ve been very happy with our health insurance options. We’re given an HRA contribution towards our deductible that covered all my medical expenses since I began using it. I herniated a disc in my back playing hockey in 2017 and my HRA covered the x-ray, MRI, doctor visits, 12 weeks of physical therapy, and there was still more left over before the start of the next year. Horizon invests as much into their patients as they do their employees.

Q: What is one experience at Horizon that stands out to you? 

At the annual Wellness Walk many of our employees brought their dogs with them to join us. My co-worker brought her French bulldog, Theo, who was struggling to keep up — because it was a very hot day. We decided to sit in the shade for a little while so Theo could take a break. As each group of employees walked by, someone, or several people, would break off and walk over to us to offer to help. People brought water, or offered to carry Theo, or even to go get their car and pick him up. It occurred to me that day how much people in this company truly care. Not just for our patients or co-workers, but naturally compassionate people invested in making a difference no matter the circumstance. I was so proud to be a part of Horizon that day, and I think that will stick with me for a long time.

Would you like to join the team at Horizon Health Services?

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